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This has been a scary year for marginalized people living in the United States, but Mexican auteur and queer ally Guillermo del Toro has found a place where he can go to restore his faith in humanity. Escapists go to this same spot – the movie theater – to lose themselves in the fantasy filmmaker’s thoughtfully executed adult fairy tales, where two hours spent with a current-events-mirroring fable such as del Toro’s latest slice of sensitive art, The Shape of Water, can spark empathy when basic human empathy seems to have been lost.

“This is what has been beautiful so far,” a humbled del Toro tells INTOafter attending numerous screenings of his breathtaking Oscar contender and seeing that “half of the audience is under 30 the other half goes from 40 to 70 to 80,” and there are gay and straight people, and black and white and Muslim people.

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