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A few years ago, TV writer-producer Ayanna Floyd Davis (BS93) tried to read the script she wrote as a student at Eastern Michigan University and couldn’t. Her play, “From the Heart,” was sparked by the alumna’s deep dive into notable black wordsmiths while enrolled in an African-American lit class. But Davis wasn’t merely captivated by their writing—there, in that class, she realized that as a black woman, “I can write about black culture and black life from my point of view.”

Davis wrote “From the Heart” within a week in her Walton-Putnam dorm.

“It was just a whole new world,” she says, joyfully recalling her epiphany. “I said, ‘That’s what I’m gonna do—be a great American playwright.’” Davis laughs like it wasn’t possible, but even then, she was well on her way.

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