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When it comes to Hollywood interviews, they’re “just so fucking straightforward and boring and everybody asks the same questions and it just gets redundant,” explains Nico Tortorella.

But our interview is different, he says.

“This is a straight-up Love Bomb episode,” acknowledges the 28-year-old actor, likening the conversational tone of our exchange to his love- and sexuality-centric podcast, now in its second season.

Though he touches on Menendez: Blood Brothers, his Lifetime movie about the infamous, parricidal siblings, and the upcoming season of TV Land’s Younger, Tortorella greatly expounds on his ever-evolving sexual identity, which has been an ongoing dialogue –internally and externally – since the actor revealed his label-less fluidity a year ago.

Now identifying as a “proud” bisexual, the Chicago-born dreamboat candidly discusses his desire for a polyamorous relationship, struggling with his sexuality as a kid before finding his queer “safe haven” within the theater and his current mission to normalize the abnormal.

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