Imagine what could have been if Kevyn Aucoin were still documenting his dream life as a celebrity makeup artist. Would the legendary artist be snapping selfies with one of his career canvases, Cher? How many more voicemails from Liza Minnelli would there be? Of the contemporary divas, who, today, might have been his Instagram muses?

But Aucoin died tragically on May 7, 2002, at the age of 40, before social media would simplify our ability to be self-documentarians and contribute to an instant vanity that trickier-to-edit, pre-smartphone camcorders couldn’t capture quite as easily. That makes director and exec producer Lori Kaye’s moving documentary, Kevyn Aucoin: Beauty & The Beast In Me, all the more special, as viewers are flies on the wall to found-footage of intimate videos Kaye has masterfully strung together to share Aucoin’s timeless and emotionally resonant narrative. The documentary premieres at 9 p.m. Sept. 14 on Logo.

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